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CC-Montessori School Collaboration

Students learn hands on business skills and how to apply them in real life! New Generation Visits the garden weekly to continue outdoor education and growing food!

2022 Fellowship Cohort!

Vital Village Network 2022

Vital Village Network

Growing Food Knowledge

Urban Agroforestry: Bringing the Jungle Back to the Concrete Jungle

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Native and Naturalized Plants of South Texas for Urban Food Forests

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THE BEND Article 2021

Check out the link below to explore the impact of out local students visiting the garden. How does this impact our community?

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Kids learning sustainable life skills at local school

Additional Information on our local collaboration with CC-Montessori School. What does our program look on site? Even after Winter Storm URI?

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Visit from the MAYOR of Corpus Christi!!

Corpus Christi Mayor Paulette Guajardo and members of Reliant Energy learned about gardening and sustainability after unveiling the recently restored community gardens at the Corpus Christi Montessori School Friday.

The project is a result of the Mayor's Community Gardens Restoration Program, powered by a $50,000 donation from Reliant Energy.

The school received $8,000 from the donation to make repairs and improvements to the garden, including an outdoor harvesting area, irrigation system, rainwater collection tanks and new native plants.

Guajardo said Winter Storm Uri caused havoc across the city and state, destroying community gardens in the area.

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How Greener Diets Can Be Integrated Into Your Life

A conversation on green diets and green thumbs with local professionals

“We can interpret [a] greener diet in two ways; greener as in more fruits and vegetables, and greener as in better aligned with environment and sustainability. In fact, these two are similar. Plant-based food production is less resource-intensive and better for the planet,” said Nishesh Singh, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist working at Texas Health and Human Services as a Clinical Nutritionist. Singh has an affinity for sharing a wealth of information on his Instagram, blog, and upcoming podcast.

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The Multiple Layers of a South Texas Food Forest

We had a visit from NCAT ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture last year! We discussed topics relating to agroforestry as well as native and naturalized plants of the area.

Vital Village Networks: Community Food Systems Fellowship

Through its Community Food Systems Fellowship, Vital Village Networks is creating opportunities for emerging leaders who are committed to justice, equity, and improving their local food systems to promote health. Fellows engage in a peer-led space that supports them to think creatively about hunger, food insecurity, land access, and other challenges their communities are grappling with, and what it would take to achieve transformative change—not only as individual agents of change, but as a movement of grassroots leaders across the country committed to expanding agency and ownership of local food systems. 

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Active Compost Site?

We collect food scraps from locally it gets turned into valuable compost.